Slicer Trader

The Official Slicer Apps Steam Group is now open!
Slicer Trader has been announced on a few trade related subreddits.
See the original announcement on /r/tf2trade.

What's this all about? Well basically ...

~ >_

You can gain this awesome sidebar on all of your browser-based Steam trades. Why awesome? For example, you could add 32 refined metal to the trade in only 4 clicks!

It shows a quick total count of items proposed for trade.

The "Accept!" button does the obvious but it also skips showing any of the warning messages. It does not and cannot be used to avoid the mobile confirmation if you are sending items.

There is also an optional auto-accept feature for trade offers that you open that were sent to you to deliver items without taking any.

The "~" button is my favorite. It provides a complete set of keyboard navigation features for trades. Its odd label is because it has also made "~" a hotkey to grab focus for keyboard input just like opening the console in many games.

The "<<" and ">>" buttons are just easier to access clones of the previous and next page buttons.

The "+" button adds an item to the trade with only 1 click.

The unlabeled dialpad buttons at the bottom enable only 1 click to add an entire row or the whole page to the trade.

Also, there are a few general tweaks on those pages:

  1. Small-screen mode is disabled. Steam trades can dynamically use this on small screens or if you just make the browser window small but this is not currently compatible with this script.
  2. The standard trade inferface is aligned to the left instead of centered.
  3. The standard search box is moved to right above the inventory grid instead of below it.
  4. The Tab key is made a hotkey that switches between the "Your" and "Their" inventories.
  5. The PageUp and PageDown keys are made hotkeys that move through inventory pages.

How to install

  1. Get Tampermonkey and consider making a donation there.
  2. Under Tampermonkey Dashboard, go to the the Settings tab and at Externals please set Update Interval to Always.
  3. Under Tampermonkey Dashboard, go to the the Utilities tab and Import the Slicer Trader script by copying and pasting the following URL:
  4. Customize the window.SlicerTraderSearches list in the script and add your most searched-for words.
  5. Optionally turn on the auto-accept feature by changing the
    window.SlicerTraderAutoAcceptTimer value to the number of seconds you would like to delay before automatically accepting those item delivery offers.
  6. Optionally create an account by signing in through Steam to get a free trial of all the premium features.
  7. Optionally contact Slicer on Steam to get full access to all the premium features.
  8. Enjoy!

What's this not about?

  1. Most importantly, not a scam. Trust is required to install and allow a custom script. But really, creating a whole site such as this, with my identity all over it, would be a pretty terrible cover for a scam.
  2. Not an automated bot. This does not skip the need to use the mobile app to confirm trades and that's a good thing. Other great trade bots already exist from a variety of providers. Instead, this is the perfect helper for anyone who operates any breed of trade bot or just does a lot of trades.
  3. Not a backdoor. This runs right there in your own browser and does not require a Steam API Key. In fact, you should visit that link and make sure that no attacker or scammer has registered a key on your account without your knowledge!

What's the catch? Honestly ...

  • The 1-click accept and saved-search features are always free to use - no strings attached.
  • The auto-accept, full keyboard navigation, and 1-click moving of groups of items to the trade are premium features planned to cost 1 key per 2 weeks or 2 keys per month. But for now, it's all in a fully-functional and free trial!